Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There have been some communication to us about the compensation. There appears to be confusion here and we would like to explain what is happening.

The completions process, as we have explained before, involves both buyer and Tecnicil having to jump through certain hoops at certain times. What we have explained clearly several times is that if a buyer simply does not complete then we have to begin reducing the compensation. It is VITAL that you communicate with us at Tecnicil. We have seen that it is not always very efficient to limit yourself to writing to the lawyers. They have their hands full and may not communicate with Tecnicil in a timely fashion.

As the resort is now ready and 99% of the units have been released for snagging, all clients who have purchased with us and intend to complete should be in dialogue with us regarding this. Once the compensation levels begin to reduce they can not be put back.

So if you have issues that you feel have to be resolved BEFORE deeds you need to contact us urgently so we can discuss this with you.

I hope the spelling is better now!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates on Completions

Some clients had pointed out that we had not mentioned other units apart from the apartments in our post about which properties have been finalised and are now ready for snagging.
Let's be clear. ALL properties on the Vila Verde are now finalised for and ALL clients, as far as Tecnicil is concered, have been notified to snag. If you feel you have not been notified then this will be because we do not have your contact details correctly in our system. We use ONLY the details contained in the contract.
The ONLY exceptions to the above are certain units on Washingtonia and in Melaleuca.
If you are concerned that you have not received notification please contact Iain and he will explain the process.
Remember that the snagging notification provides dates for you to inspect you property. If you have missed these dates then the property will be sold "as is".
Once again contact us if you think that you have not been notified or if you have any other reason for not proceeding directly to deeds.
Write to itozer@tecnicil.com and we will acknowledge you in the same day.
Have a great evening.