Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meetings and replies to come comments

We are now on our way back from the UK and will post the common questions and answers on here in a day or so.

Before anything else we would like to thank all of those who came out to see us. For those of you that did not get appointments we do apologise and can assure you that we will be back soon to meet with you. If you did not receive any form of communication from us at all please write to so we can ensure we have the correct contact details.

Apart from the cold, the visit was very positive, we feel, and have also seen that there are, as is normal, similar concerns and questions.

I have attached some photos here of the entrances to some of the blocks as we have been informed that there are still some sceptics out there when it comes to information we transmit.

Have a great Sunday and we will get this Blog up to date for you all.
There are more photos of the access to Vila Verde here:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

These visits

We have had a HUGE response to these trips, as we have advanced to you in other messages.

The idea behind these visits is merely to listen to questions and concerns and try and address them in the best way possible. We have not invited clients really, we have simply made ourselves available and then tried to combine our timing and itinerary with yours.

As the response is literally overwhelming we are trying to fit as many people in as possible but it's not easy. Even using half hour slots we can not attend to everyone and have been forced to adopt the following measures:

We have planned the trips and sent out apointments with 30 minute slots. If you can not make that time we will have to put your appointment off till the next visit.

We know this is not ideal but it's remarkably difficult to achieve this kind of planning with a small staff and such large numbers. Please rest assured that we are workingn to try and see as many of you as possible on this trip and we WILL post everything of use here.

Perhaps you could also post questions that you want answers to. The latest comments have all been about the trips and there have been little regarding the resort and current news.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trips and dates

Good morning and many thanks for your response for the trips to the UK.

A quick explanation so you can see that there is method in our madness with regards to getting appointments with us in the UK.

We have sent out notifications to everyone, apart from using this Blog, and are now collating the replies. Essentially the idea is that we have said when we are arriving in the UK but have NOT confirmed later dates or venues as we need to assess numbers. Imagine if we set a date for Birmingham and everyone wants to see us in London!

One thing we have to make clear: This visit is going to last a whole week but we have far more requests than time available so we will have to organise a return visit. As it stands we have more than 95% of the requests for London, Birmingham and Manchester. It may be that on this trip that is all we manage to do but we will keep you posted. Please be sure that we will come back as soon as possible so that we can to everybody.

See you soon!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Now we have had a harder time than you might imagine putting this together. We have literally hundreds of requests to meet and so we are putting dates together with care.

We will arrive in London on March 20th and have some appointments already for that day.

It is our aim to stay in London till at least Monday 22nd. We will be seeing people on the Sunday as well. From there we will travel to Birmingham and will be in the NEC area as that seems to be easiest for people to get to. We will add some other venues as the appointments increase.

For concrete dates and appointments please write to this is an easy email address and has no necessary bearing on completions.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeingn you in the UK. Given the numbers we will have to plan a second trip anyway.