Saturday, August 8, 2009

Habitation Licences for Atriplex and Coprosma

We are pleased to announce that the Camara Municpal has issued the habitation licences for Atriplex and Coprosma! This means that the building is deemed fit for habitation.

Some clients have asked us how this can be the case when there may be some snags. Please remember that snags are usually smaller imperfections or items left unfinished but they should not impede habitation.

The water and electricity supply on Sal, and in Cape Verde, is not linked to the issuance of this licence. This is because there are many houses and homes in the country that are built and never have water or power! Seems amazing to those used to European construction but in Cape Verde many many people do not have running water or electricity in their homes.

For our Resort, we have had all of the electrical and water installation correctly put in and tested. The only bit that remains now is for the utility company, Electra, to literally press the button and turn the valve.

Updated Photos - With labels!!

Good morning to you all! We have added a new album on our Web album in Picasa and here is the link to it.

Given the mixups with labels from the last time we have added labels in the photos themselves. If you have any questions please drop us a comment!