Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost there!

Although Sunday, I think it important to let you all know that we have had the news we've all been waiting for: ELECTRA have signed the paperwork so now the electricity issue has been resolved!

Here is the communication we have received from our main Engineer

Autos assinados pela Electra quer dizer que, a partir daquela data (da assinatura) esta reconhece que a rede está em condições de uso para o serviço, tomou posse da mesma, passando a ser da sua exclusiva responsabilidade o fornecimento de electricidade a cada uma das unidades concluídas.

So what this mean, in English is:

The order has been signed by Electra which means that, from that date (The signing date) they (Electra) recognise that the network is fit for use, they take possession of it thus exclusive responsibility for the supply of electricity to each of the finished units passes to them.

So it really does appear that the "light" at the end of the tunnel can be switched on!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Updated photos on the Vila Verde Webalbum

Once again we have updated the photos. We have tried to make the most comprehensive photo report possible. If you want photos of other parts of the resort just let us know and we'll send our team (Well, Carlos anyway) out with his camera.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vila Verde is becoming "Verde"

The first plants have been put into the grounds around Canna. In total there is something like two million Euros worth of plants that have been ordered for Vila Verde.

Now we will see our fantastic resort not only taking shape but gaining colour!

These first plants have gone into Canna (C04) and I am sure you will agree that they really give the resort an attractive finish. We will plant Canna and then move on to Sedum (C07) and so on, more or less in the order of the communities that have finished up to now.
We are sure you are as excited and proud as we are to see this and we would like to thank everyone on site for a great job.
We will post all of the photos on the Picasa Web Album that we have.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Furniture Update

We have been placing furniture in finished apartments, not necessarily always in apartments that have gone to deeds, and in many cases we have not proceeded to install the furniture as some owners have indicated they wish to have the snagging inspections finalised first.

However, just to keep you all updated. I have some figures on furniture in the first three communities.

In SEDUM (C07) Community we have now placed 28 packages. The installation of air conditioning in these units should be next.

In Aloe (C05) we have 9 packages (Bear in mind that there are only 28 apartments in Aloe)

In Canna (C04) we have 24 deliveries made.

If you have bought furniture and you are on one of these communities and would like to know if the furniture is in, please drop us a line on

We will be placing more furniture as the days go by.

Have a great evening.