Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photos for Ficus

In response to a request on here we have posted photos taken today of FICUS community.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Power and Water on Vila Verde

There are a great many questions that we are asked about the situation with utilities in Cape Verde. So perhaps a little background might help paint a clearer picture.

In the Republic of Cape Verde there is one main company responsible for both water and electricity across the ten islands and this company is Electra.

Potted History
Created on 17th April, 1982, Electra at that time was made up of three companies, EAM (Electricidade e Água do Mindelo - from Mindelo on the Island of Sao Vicente), CEP (Central Eléctrica da Praia - from the capital city, Praia on the Island of Santiago) and EAS (Electricidade e Água do Sal - we know where that is!).

The mission that Electra was charged with was a tough one. They had to find and provide a response to the energetic and water requirements for the main urban areas of Sal, Praia and Mindelo. And this response was expected to be continuous and ongoing.

To get a good of the circumstances and the state of development at that time, at the time of the creation of the company Electra provided electricity to 9,255 clients and water to 2,855 clients. You surely know that the population of Cape Verde at the time was quite a bit more than these number. It was climbing past about 300,000 at that time.

It was not until 1998 that Electra received the mandate from the government to fix its sights on extending the service to the whole country. Over the coming years Electra opened offices and installations on all of the islands. The logistics were terribly difficult but they worked hard and bit by bit extended the network to all urban areas of the country.

Now in 2010 we have a network that is able to sustain power and water in most parts of the country almost continuously. There are still power outs in some parts of the country but Electra is working hard to fulfill these areas and ensure that their mission of non-stop water and power is achieved.

Vila Verde

For our project, Vila Verde, the process has been painstaking and sometimes it has seemed to us, and to you we know!, that we just would never make it. However, we have now had power and water for some time.

However it must be stressed that the process for connection is not the same as in the UK.

1. Electra to the Resort

First the resort is connected up, and this includes all of the blocks, the common areas, the pools, bathrooms, shops and so on. The connection is tested and then left switched OFF.

2. Electra to you

Once you have gone to title deeds there will still be no electricity. You have to take your deeds to the Electra office together with a copy of your bank details, some identification and some money. There they will be happy to guide you through the signing up process. If all the paperwork is correct then in around 4/5 working days (Can drag to 8-10) the power and water will come on in your property.

3. Tecnicil and You.

Please bear in mind that Tecnicil is NOT responsible for this process at all. We can neither speed it up now do it for you. Any delays in this connection are entirely down to Electra. This is not just a Cape Verde issue, in Portugal or Spain you would also have to go and sort out your own connections or get someone to do this for you. We would recommend using one of the snagging companies to do this. Your lawyers can also do this, but you can imagine the difference in cost of sending a lawyer to get your water switched on!

I hope this is helpful but if you have any questions please leave them as comments here and we can try and answer them all at the same time.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos on the Web album

From Cactus October 2010

Good afternoon to you all!

We have today added the latest photos for Cactus, Lantana and Raphis. Just clicking on the names should take you there.

In response to the questions about completion for Cactus, we estimate that Cactus will be complete in mid-December. We will be releasing snagging notifications shortly for Cactus.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the photos and wish you a very good weekend.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Completions Process

Some clients have asked us to go over the completions process one more time for clarity.

There are several steps to this process, some of which are a little "chicken and egg".

1. We finalise the word on your apartment and issue a notification to you for snagging and also request that the townhall for them to inspect so we can get our habitation licence.

2. You have 14 days to organise an inspection of the apartment. You can fly out and do this yourself or you can use a third party snagging company.

3. Once you have inspected and handed back your snag list we then have 28 days to correct any defects that are found. If there are none, then as soon as we get the habitation licence we will issue you with notification for deeds. This is always a 28 day notification.

4. If there are defects then once these are corrected and you have made a second satsifactory inspection, if necessary, then once again, as soon as we have the habitation licence we issue you with notification for deeds. This must happen no later than 28 days afterwards.

5. If there is a delay in the process due to mortgage applications or a need to clarify further questions it is vital that you communicate this to us. We have some units that are now outside the 28 day notification period by some margin.

6. If we have owners that do not complete the first thing we are forced to do is reduce or remove the compensation that is awarded to them for the delays on the build. If this does not result in deeds happening then we have to move to cancel the unit. This is not merely a punitive measure on our part, this is a measure that is in turn forced upon us by the banks that are the financing arm of the project.

If you have any further questions please contact the Commercial Director, Iain, on itozer@tecnicil.com

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Blog for Owners on Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria

Given that our tasks at Tecnicil have now divided into communication with those clients who are still in the run up to completion and those that have completed we thought it best to create a new blog.

We believe the latter group of clients need to have news on how the resort is progressing as well as information regarding completions, mortgages and a whole range of items of important before deeds.

However, those who have completed need their own blog where the Tecnicil team on the ground can communicate and provide updates on services etc. Well, this is what we believe you need. Why not become a follower of this Blog AND the new Blog and then post us your suggestions of what you would like to see posted here.

By the way, these photos are of Ficus, taken about a day or so go ago by Nuno who replaced Carlos temporarily in the role of roving reporter.

Once again the new Blog is http://www.vilaverderesort.blogspot.com/ please give some ideas of what would best help you. We also think it would be a great idea for owners to contribute their own articles and opinions. If you would like to contribute to the Blog please write to itozer@tecnicil.com
Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vila Verde from the air!

Nuno flew back from Sal Island yesterday and managed to take a nice shot of the resort from the plane.

You can see the layout of the streets, exactly according to the plans, and also it is easy to see the level of completion.

Below Vila Verde you can see development from The Resort Group. Sal Island truly is starting to resemble the photos and promises made in the original sales brochures and magazines.
If you click on the photo it will take you to a full size version of it.