Monday, April 20, 2009

Vila Verde Phase I and Phase II will complete!

It seems some very unscrupulous agents have been holding meetings all over the UK and Ireland - and even subjecting clients to sustained phone campaigns - to tell them that Tecnicil will not be able to complete on the Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria development.

Clearly these tactics are founded in the need they have to sell their own product in Portugal and Bulgaria. This tactic is totally deplorable as, in these uncertain times, it is totally unfair on all parties involved to muddy the waters in this way. They speak of a "moral" responsibility to their clients.

Let us reassure all clients that Tecnicil is totally solid and, although suffering from some delays, Vila Verde Santa Maria WILL complete. Of this there is no danger. I have attached some recent photos for you to see how great the site is looking.

let us remember that the first three communities, CANNA, SEDUM and ALOE have already received the habitation licences from the town hall and some clients have already signed title deeds!

The next three communities are going strongly. As each community is completed it frees up the team on site to concentrate on the next blocks. The financial muscle needed to complete is in place and so now there is nothing between you and your new property in the Cape Verde Islands but a few weeks for Phase I and a few months in Phase II.

If you are concerned about information you have been given then you can contact Tecnicil via or on


  1. can tecnicil confirm how many business units have so far been taken for use as restaurants, cafes pubs, shops etc?

  2. We have somewhere close to 20 commercial units reserved at the moment. The main spread at the moment leans towards restaurants and bars with 1 shop and 1 bank as welll.

  3. Which communities are due to complete next?

  4. Great to see a developer standing their ground. Your investors will appreciate it in times like this.

  5. Sorry about the delay in coming back to the Blog. Had many others things to attend to! However, we will continue to stick to the weekly responses to questions. Please remember to keep them on topic. We can not publish abusive comments or personal questions. Individiual legal issues should be dealt with directly.

  6. Hi Sue, the order of communities now that CANNA, SEDUM and ALOE are finished is:


    TASSEL community will mark the end of the Phase I completions. This should be finalised in the summer, we aim for July.

    Just to recap, as each successive community finishes off then the workers also finish off the surrounding areas. The pools are in the first communities however we are waiting for a problem to be solved with Electra, the electricity board so we can hook the pumps up. Only then can we put water in. This is estimated to be done in a week or so.

    The gardens will take longer. We have been experimenting with types of grass, for example, so that we can make Vila Verde as "Verde" as possible. No small feat on Sal Island!

  7. Can you tel me when will raphis be ready .thank you

  8. Raphis is set for the end of the summer. We will refine dates later in the yer.

  9. At what stage will buyers find out the service/condo fees.