Monday, April 5, 2010

More meeting information

Just to avoid long documents.


Many clients expressed the wish for Tecnicil to provide furniture given the problems that others experienced with MRI and Furniture World Direct etc. It is known that our packages are all on the island.

We agreed to organise a package for anyone who is interested. This package would be different to the Premium Package and would not confer the right to join the scheme. As a result the package would not need to include the modifications and extras that we needed for the rental program and so it could be a much more economical prospect. We will find out if you can avoid the import duty on a package like this.

Many clients have already expressed interest in this so if you are interested please write to and state your interest in this.


  1. I am concerned about the completion date for Yucca.

    We were originally advised end April

  2. Can you give us any clues as to how much this basic furniture package would be?

  3. Yucca is completing now. I post some fotos in the Picasa album.

    We will check number of people who have interest in the basic package to organise quotes.