Monday, March 21, 2011

Snagging Updates for ALL Communities

Here at Tecnicil we wanted to make it as clear as possible what the current situation is with regards to snagging and which communities should have been snagged by yourselves or your snagging representatives.

The Communities that have been finalised now and should have been snagged are ALL of the communities except Melaleuca.

To be specific the following communities have beeen finalised and ALL clients should have been notified for snagging. If you have not arranged the snagging of your property by now then it will be sold "As is". If you have any questions concerning this please contact Iain on

Communities Finished to date.

Phase I Communities

CANNA (Unit codes beginning C04)

SEDUM (Unit Codes beginning C07)

ALOE (Unit Codes beginning C05)

COPROSMA (Unit Codes beginning C11)

ATRIPLEX (Unit Codes beginning C03)

PEPPER (Unit Codes beginning C09)

FICUS (Unit Codes beginning C08)
CALLISTEMON (Unit Codes beginning C06)

TASSEL (Unit Codes beginning C10)

PHASE II Communities

LANTANA (Unit Codes beginning C01)

RAPHIS (Unit Codes beginning C12)

CACTUS (Unit Codes beginning C02)

If you own property in MELALEUCA the please start the arrangements for snagging the property now.


Just to assist you through the completions process you may wonder why some of the defects on your property have been marked for later correction. This is NOT because Tecnicil does not want to correct these issues, it is merely from a planning point of view.

Bear in mind that Tecnicil have been in the construction business for many years and intend to continue in this business. We do not intend to leave any snags outstanding but by the same token some snags are more efectively dealt with if we do them all in one go.

So if there are some snags that have been outstanding and you have not received a written assurance from us as to the correction of these defects please request this today.

Be advised that we will not hold up the completions for these types of defects. Once you have the assurance you should move to deeds. Also bear in mind you have a one year guarantee for the apartment so you need not worry about certain defects that may appear after deeds as we will also attend to these.

ALL owners from the above mentioned communities who have not yet completed need to communicate their concerns to us in the next week or so. We have to begin withdrawing units now so as to plan correctly for the next 6 months.


  1. Please can you tell me what "begin withdrawing units now so as to plan correctly for the next 6 months" this means?

  2. Hi there,

    Essentially "withdrawing units" means resolving the promissory contract and taking the unit back. We have some units in commnunities like CANNA and SEDUM where we have heard nothing from the clients at all. We can not wait eternally so will now have to recuperate these units.

    If you are not in communication with us or are concerned to not be receiving replies to your emails from us or your solicitors then please contact us directly. Iain will respond to you to let you know you have made contact and then we can try to get the deeds process done as soon as possible.