Saturday, March 28, 2009

Habitation Licences for CANNA, ALOE & SEDUM

I am sure there is a facility to add a drum roll to this blog, but sadly it eludes me. However, please consider the drum roll delivered!

We are proud to say that we have received the habitation licenses for the first three communities on Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria. I have included a copy of one here, although it is a dry Portuguese document that in no way captures the excitement that we feel to see this project come together.

What happens now? Many of you will ask. It's quite simple. If you have a property on Canna, Sedum or Aloe then we now start preparations for title deed. From your point of view that involves ensuring that you have organised a second snagging inspection, if you haven't already done that, and that you have your finances in order.

We would also recommend the use of a money broker to obtain the best exchange rate. We have set up a facility with Moneycorp who say they will ensure that clients get the most competitive rate. Just click here and you can fill in the form and be linked directly to them.

We have notified all clients that have snagged their property that any necessary remedial work has been done. One client did note on a report that it was very windy! I am afraid that is just outside our scope!!

The best way forward is to contact your legal representatives and they will set a date for the title deeds. If they have a power of attorney then this process is totally painless and can be done literally in a day with only a few days notice.

We already have some preliminary dates set for next week so we look forward to seeing you or your representative soon and will be delighted to hand over the keys to your new Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria property!

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