Saturday, July 4, 2009


Good afternoon! Given that we were going to open the snagging on the above communities officially in the last few days, we have to announce that, although some snagging has been done successfully on some units in Coprosma and in Atriplex, we have actually been told that we will revise dates for snagging.

The new dates will be released next week. Tecnicil does regret any inconvience this may cause you. We are working hard to reduce the delays and now count on the full support of the authorities on clearing materials through the ports. We are confident that when you do come to inspect you will be very impressed, not only with the quality of finish, but also with the small number of snags you find.

Please do contact us if you have any questions.


  1. Is there any news on when anybody from communities already completed will actually be able to use them?

    Its one thing being handed over and final payment being made, but, realisticaly, when will people be able to enjoy their investment?

  2. There is some speculation on certain web forums about the number of workers on the Vila verde site. Could you tell me how many are on site at moment?

  3. The numbers of workers as of last week was just under 800. We would love to ask them to congregate under the webcam for you but they may object.

  4. You're absolutely right about the difference between hand over and use. This is, however, totally normal on all big resorts. There is always going to be a period of completion happening around you.

    To answer the question, we are hoping to get CANNA and SEDUM set up use in the next few weeks. We ave requested that they accelerate the pools, the bars and the green areas there as well as opening the access off the round about into the resort on that side.

    Fingers crossed that they can get this done as swiftly as possible.