Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy days on Sal Island

We have been terribly busy with title deeds on Sal Island and so have to say that we've been a bit slow on the blog. Huge apologies.

News from us at the moment centres, as it would, on the title deed process. We did have the expected teething problems with the electronic system but now everything seems to be working.

As you may remember we have habitaiton licences for 196 units and so far more than 160 clients have tranferred funds to complete. So all is good there! If you have not transferred the funds yet then you urgently need to write to Nuno and let him know your plans.

The infrastucture questions keep coming up. Please rest assured that we are finishing the resort off around your units. Clearly this can not be done until the blocks themselves are finished. However, visitors to CANNA, SEDUM and ALOE should be able to appreciate the work going on on the outside now.

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