Friday, September 4, 2009

Letter from BES to Tecnicil

Good evening again. Those of you who wondered if the Blog was still alive have underestimated our ability to push the August summer hols into the beginning of September. But here we are!

And we will kick off the new term with a letter from BES. BES have heard that some agent or other have been out there again trying to suggest that we will not finish the resort. As a result, Portugal's second largest bank have presented us with a letter.

It is here. If you click on it you can read it.


  1. Having just been notified that my already late Phase 2 in property in Meleluca will not be ready for another 6 to 9 Months this is little solace.

  2. In one of your July blogs you refer to a webcam - do you have a link so that we can see the site. Many thanks, Rich and Elena (Lantana)

  3. Rich & Elena

    hope this link to the webcam gets through, as there doesnt seem to be many updates lately.

  4. Any new news or photos for the blog? Last over month old. Looking good but need to keep informed to stop all the moaners!

  5. Why has there been no update since the beginning of September?

  6. Good afternoon everyone! Apologies for the delays in writing here. As you all know we have a lot on, even if it appears we don't do much.

    The Blog has not ended, of course not. However, we are trying to balance communications with the workload on VV as well.