Monday, October 19, 2009

Updated Photos on the Web Album

Good evening everyone.
Tonight we have uploaded some new photos. There is a sort of random selection here.

We hope you enjoy them!


  1. Why are there no townhouse pictures, is it true that they will not be completed?

  2. There are no townhouses photos in this batch but there are townhouse photos on the Webalbum. For example, you can find them here:

    Your question: Is it true they will not be completed implies you have been told this. Once again, it is always best to write directly to us and ask these questions. As you can see here, the townhouses are being built and WILL be completed.

  3. I notice there is no photos of Ficus. Is it possible to see some updated pictures please. As well as seeing the dates above posted some visual confirmation in pictures of progress would also be good. It is very positive to see updated posts as several unanswered email was leading to frustration and worry.