Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost there!

Although Sunday, I think it important to let you all know that we have had the news we've all been waiting for: ELECTRA have signed the paperwork so now the electricity issue has been resolved!

Here is the communication we have received from our main Engineer

Autos assinados pela Electra quer dizer que, a partir daquela data (da assinatura) esta reconhece que a rede está em condições de uso para o serviço, tomou posse da mesma, passando a ser da sua exclusiva responsabilidade o fornecimento de electricidade a cada uma das unidades concluídas.

So what this mean, in English is:

The order has been signed by Electra which means that, from that date (The signing date) they (Electra) recognise that the network is fit for use, they take possession of it thus exclusive responsibility for the supply of electricity to each of the finished units passes to them.

So it really does appear that the "light" at the end of the tunnel can be switched on!


  1. About bloody time and all!!!, NASA found water on the moon before Tecnicil found water and electric at Vila Verde!

  2. This is very good news.
    Please can you keep the pressure on Electra and get the water sorted quickly.
    Thank you

  3. Tecnicil, can you please do anything to speed up water. Our furniture pack and money could be lost if this situation continues. It has gone on long enough now. Estimated completion with utilities in place was September 2008 with a delay. It is now November 2009. We have been patient. We could loose thousands if this situation continues.

    Please chase up water and advise. We know it is down to Electra but surely you can keep the pressure on or complain to your relevant authority.
    Thank you

  4. Good start and the development is beginning to look good but come on Tecnicil if you get the water switched on there will be a lot more completions and you are giving MRI, who are causing a lot of customer worry, an excuse not to send paid for furniture.

  5. We do have water on Vila Verde supplied by the consturction company. We can supply water to some apartments if necessary and it is not true that you can not obtain fire insurance without water because, as I say, there is water on site.

    Secondly, it is not an impediment to completion, especially in the face of the MRI furniture situation.

    I do not think it is at all right for MRI to claim that they will not ship your furniture until you PROVE you have completed. If your apartment is complete then advise them to send it, as simple as that. You can even say that you understand it is your responsibility once it arrives at you property.

    So do not let them use this as an excuse, write and tell them you are ready to receive your furniture and that it is none of their business if the property has gone to deeds or not.

  6. What is the latest situation re Water
    when will the supply be sorted

    Tecnicil sort this and completions will start

  7. Tecnicil, so its been 2 weeks, and no news on the electric situation. Will this happen before Christmas. I stand to loose over 55,000 Euros here. Come on Tecnicil, can you please update us.

  8. Tecnicil, you say that no utilities are not an impediment to completion. Please understand if we ignore the clause in the original contract that says utilities will be available on site for us to connect to and we go ahead and complete without utilities being on site, there is no guarantee that utilities will ever be connected. People could end up spending more than 100,000 euros on an apartment which can not rent or be sold as it may never have utilities. This means you could rush to complete to save around 20000 euros on furniture just to find you have lost 100,000 on the apartment if utilities never connect as you will never be able to rent the apartment out and you will never be able to sell it and so it's value becomes worthless.

    Please understand, Villa Verde looks amazing and your constant communication with buyers is very good now but with so many delays and fears along the way buyers can only guarantee utilities will be connected once they are actualy connected.

    Please take our fears into consideration and sort the utilities out. People will complete and then we can deal with furniture together.

    Please get on to Electra to get this sorted now. These long delays are becoming for many of us not a case of will we loose money, but will we survive the amount of money we are going to loose.

    Thank you

  9. Furniture Sellers placed in their terms and conditions that they would only deliver furniture once buyers had completed and could send them a copy of the email from solicitor saying buyers had gone to tile deeds. At first they said they would hold furniture in store till buyers completed.

    Now they have changed terms and say if buyers have not completed within 12 months of placing furniture order they will destroy furniture and keep money.

    The terms and conditions were not released until after buyers had bought furniture anyway. Now we ourselves and others ask what the situation is with furniture and they say we will tell you once you have completed.

    We can not complete till utilities sorted.

    We are stuck and we can do nothing but worry every day.

    Surely your utility company can not be allowed to take so long.

    Tecnicil, you must be able to explaine the situation to Electra. Villa Verde was created to bring overseas investors into Cape Vede and help the economy of Cape Verde to grow. Instead these delays could end up sending those same over seas investors into financial distress.

    It is not even the case that the overall delay is small, delays of over a year and now facing loosing thousands all because Electra will not send an Engineer out to inspect water and get everything switched on.

    Is there no overall authority in Cape Verde that can speed up the process.

    Tecnicil your help please.

  10. Tecnicil, is there any more news on the water. All seams to have stopped. You said you had asked the engineer to come out and inspect the connection for water in early October. Has this inspection for water taken place yet. It is nearly December now.

    Can you provide an update please. Will this be connected before Christmas.

    Please chase up and update.
    Thank you.
    Thank you

  11. It is not actually true that you can't complete without utilities. In fact, due to many houses in Cape Verde not having water and power anyway, there is no provision in Cape Verde law for putting off deeds because of not having water and power.

    As a result of this, Electra do NOT really listen to our arguments regarding this. They merely suggest people complete.

    However, the inspection for the water was made (again!) this week and we are hoping they will sign off on the whole thing.

  12. Thanks for your comprehensive post. We are working with Electra with this every day. However, this is a question of confidence and common sense. Why would Tecnicl go to the trouble of biulding everything, setting up the management company, advertising the resort and all manner of other things if we then to not support our customers.

    Also bear in mind that this is the first round of title deeds. We would be taking a very short sighted view if we were to neglect such issues now.

    A final point to bear in mind, which has been mentioned here before, once Electra has connected us, the individual units will STILL NOT have power and water until you have gone to deeds and then, deeds in hand, you or your representative, have gone deeds in hand to the Electra office to sign up the contract.

    The contractual aspect is just that the resort will be made "Fit for connection", it is not that any given unit be actually "switched on" as it were.

    One final point, if you are in the rental scheme with us and have received notification for deeds, you should complete now. Some time ago we said we would pay the rental return FROM THE POINT OF DEEDS as long as all criteria under your control was taken care. Manny clients have rushed to complete, but others have not.

    It is not fair to offer this and still have people delay deeds, it pushes all of the planning back. So I would ask that you contact us via to discuss as we can not maintain these conditions much longer.

  13. Hello Tecnicil
    Firstly thank you for posting my original'comprehensive' post. I was not sure if it would be aproved. We are aware the connection to utilities in the sale contract only goes as far as the complex being fit for connection. Fit For Connection is all it needs to be and buyers can then sort connecting their own units.

    It also is good to hear that you are asking people in the rental guarantee to complete as we were concerned that you might have stopped those clients from completing.

    We have found that sometimes we get into a one to one email situation with a Director from Tecnicil and then suddenly all contact ceases.

    We have contacted a Director re this issue but again all reply has stopped.

    Please keep your efforts with this and perhaps your Directors could reply to the people who have opened one to one email communication with Tecnicil.

    Lets hope this gets sorted before Christmas.
    Thank you

  14. And thanks to you for your messages!

    Bear in mind that there are a large number of issues so I am sure if there has been no reply so far it is not due to someone not wantingto write to you.

    Please send a reminder to the person you are dealing with with a copy to and we will given them a shove for you!

    Have a great evening!

  15. i am led to believe that the compensation is derisory considering the build is already 2 yrs overdue, what serious steps are being taken to placate buyers

  16. I would not "be led to believe" anything.

    The compensation amounts are factual andbased upon amounts agreed within the contract. Most clients are aware of the amounts of the compensation. I suggest you write to us and we will be happy to inform you of the amount you are due.

  17. As per contract compensation should be paid up till deed signing.Now the situation with the electric and water is totally out of the customers control and the apartments are not fit for designated usage until both water and electric are connected so compensation should be paid up till a date after both utilities are available.Yes the site is looking good but there will be no rentals without water and electric!

  18. Thanks for your message. The comnpensation will actually be paid up to 28 days after the notification for deeds, whether deeds are signed prior to this or not.

    The article we posted today gives you further information about the water and power issues. We hope this will be solved this week.

  19. is notification of deeds given once the property has been snagged and any faults rectified, the final snag done and the property signed off ?

  20. Any update re water and electricity ???

  21. We hope to have some updates tody on water and power.

  22. I think Tecnicil are avoiding the questions:

    is notification of deeds given once the property has been snagged and any faults rectified, the final snag done and the property signed off ?

  23. I do not think we are avoiding the questions at all. Notification for deeds is given once the habitation licence is awarded by the local authorities. It happens independantly of snagging and snag rectifications.

    Let’s analyse the completions process.

    1. We finish the building works on your unit.
    2. We notify you that you can come and snag: You have 28 days to do this.
    3. We notify the authorities to come and inspect.
    4. You might notify us of certain defects that need correcting. We have 28 days to do this.
    5. We get the licence form the town hall.
    6. We now notify you for deeds. You have 28 days to do this.

    This is how it works. If you wish for further clarification just drop us a line. Do NOT confuse snagging with surveying or technical inspections. You are not checking to see if the property is structurally sound. The town hall do that for you. Snagging is merely a COSMETIC inspection of the property.

    I believe snagging companies who have websites can describe the process better. Look at or do a search in Google for Snagging my Property.

    Have a great evening.