Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vila Verde is becoming "Verde"

The first plants have been put into the grounds around Canna. In total there is something like two million Euros worth of plants that have been ordered for Vila Verde.

Now we will see our fantastic resort not only taking shape but gaining colour!

These first plants have gone into Canna (C04) and I am sure you will agree that they really give the resort an attractive finish. We will plant Canna and then move on to Sedum (C07) and so on, more or less in the order of the communities that have finished up to now.
We are sure you are as excited and proud as we are to see this and we would like to thank everyone on site for a great job.
We will post all of the photos on the Picasa Web Album that we have.


  1. How are they being watered ? !

  2. We do have water onsite, the construction company has its supply. So don't worry, the plants will be fine!