Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The chicken and the egg!

Well, in the quest for utilities on Vila Verde we have come up against a typical chicken and egg scenario.

As you know we were informed by Electra that the electricity was resolved. We launched some fireworks but, thankfully, had the foresight to announce "Almost There"!

Anyway, we went to the Electra office with a client's paperwork (Well, we sent Carlos to Electra's office) and were told we could not sign up for anything!

Hmm, back to square one?

It seems that Electra do not want to sign utility contracts just for power, they want to do the two together so we can't have power until we have water!

But that leads us to good news. The water installation was signed off long before the electrical one and Electra have informed us that they expect for the water to be connected this week (Week commencing December 7th).

If this is the case then we can send our expedition back to the offices next week and see if we can sign up the apartment in question.

We'll keep you posted!


  1. any photos this month?

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry, we started the month with a spate of Bak Holidays so our trusty, well almost, Pulitzer runner up, well, Carlos, hasn't been out yet to take some updates.

    So we will pack him off with the Canon tomorrow and he can take some for you.

    Greetings from a freezing cold United Kingdom!

  3. You're in the United Kingdom ?????? are Tecnicil holding meetings in the UK with purchasers, if so where and when ?

  4. Good evening! Sorry for the confusion. I am in the UK, but fo personal reasons.

    However, we do have the intention to come to the UK in the second of January and meet with any clients who wish to meet with us. If you are interested in meeting with us please write to info@tecnicil.com and we can coordinate with you

  5. Dear Tecnicil, what are the purposes of the meetings ? where are they to be ???? is this not another Scam like MRI ?

  6. These meetings are to make ourselves available to customers' questions.

    We felt it was easier for us to come to the UK than for the clients to come to us.

    We will be on hand to discuss the whole project, the future of the resort and answer any client concerns that they may wish to bring to us.

    Doesn't sound like a scam to me. We won't be asking for money or suggesting you buy elsewhere, for example!

  7. Tecnicil, you posted electricity would be sorted by November, then you posted water & electricity would be sorted week commencing 7 December, then we should have some news today around the 14 December. It is now 20 December Is there still no news on water & electricity???. Have you been back to electra about the apartment you were trying to register?.
    Is electra even in a position to ever supply the utilities to Villa Verde???.

    Recent website news on Cape Verde have said Electra are struggling. Is this why they will not simply turn the switch, because they are in trouble and can not supply anyway??

    I hope you can come back with some truths and not more future dates!!!.

  8. Good afternoon. The issue here is not directly within Tecnicil's hands however, I would say that there is no reason for panic.

    To answer an important question raised here: YES Electra IS in a position to supply the utilities. Please go through this Blog and you will see that the installation has been approved. This is more a case of the left hand telling the right hand all is ok.

    We will be trying again to sign up utilities but, as this post says, we are sort of in a chicken and egg situation.

    Tomorrow we will be posting news about the water.

    As to the "Recent website news" we can not comment. No one is better positioned than us to give commmentary on Cape Verde although we constantly "hear" of all kinds of things!

    Ask us, we will have the latest. And Electra being in trouble has been news in Cape Verde for the last five years at least.

  9. Will we have the posting re news about the water as promised yesterday ? or again is there no news ?

  10. re the final payment , is this to be made direct to technicil or via the our solicitor, if you could clarify i would be very much obliged.Secondly would it be possible to leave a small suitcase in my appt when i come on the 13th jan, i appreciate i cant use the property as yet.

  11. Thanks for the message. You can make the final payment to us or to your solicitor. It doesn't make any difference to us.

    I would encourage you to use Moneycorp to buy the Euros though.

    Try this link to sign up and get a great rate from them.


  12. i would like interested in attending such a meeting. Can you give an indication of where such meetings will take place? I live in The Netherlands and would need to make travel arrangements.

    Many thanks Paul

  13. Good evening Paul. We will publish an article here on the Blog with our proposed travel dates, locations and so on. So please keep an eye here and we will coordinate with you.