Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trips and dates

Good morning and many thanks for your response for the trips to the UK.

A quick explanation so you can see that there is method in our madness with regards to getting appointments with us in the UK.

We have sent out notifications to everyone, apart from using this Blog, and are now collating the replies. Essentially the idea is that we have said when we are arriving in the UK but have NOT confirmed later dates or venues as we need to assess numbers. Imagine if we set a date for Birmingham and everyone wants to see us in London!

One thing we have to make clear: This visit is going to last a whole week but we have far more requests than time available so we will have to organise a return visit. As it stands we have more than 95% of the requests for London, Birmingham and Manchester. It may be that on this trip that is all we manage to do but we will keep you posted. Please be sure that we will come back as soon as possible so that we can to everybody.

See you soon!


  1. We sent a request to meet as soon as you posted the email address on the blog. We have not received any confirmation nor any notification. We also commented on the fact that those that have completed are being left in the dark. No communication from Tecnicil despite completing 8 months ago. Why haven't you posted that comment?

  2. Can I suggest that you publish the main questions raised by clients and your responses. This could be UK Visit FAQ's and answers. Still would like to attend in person in Manchester as we have loads of questions to ask since completing in July 2009. Please can you squeeze us in on this visit?

  3. I think this is a great idea. We will certainly do that.

  4. The immediate sending of requests for appointments was done by hundreds of clients. We have more than 500 requests so are doing what we can to fit as many in as possible. And we will publish as much information that is raised here on this Blog.

  5. Questions for meetings – 1) Why not allow the owners who have completed their purchase use their apartment for a week or two free, until the tour operator is signed up? Whilst they must accept some of the facilities, such as shops etc, are not provided it would test the facilities already provided and the trained staff before the full paying punters arrive. 2) Are there any plans for V V to charter planes as the existing flights will not be adequate for the increased number of visitors?