Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Now we have had a harder time than you might imagine putting this together. We have literally hundreds of requests to meet and so we are putting dates together with care.

We will arrive in London on March 20th and have some appointments already for that day.

It is our aim to stay in London till at least Monday 22nd. We will be seeing people on the Sunday as well. From there we will travel to Birmingham and will be in the NEC area as that seems to be easiest for people to get to. We will add some other venues as the appointments increase.

For concrete dates and appointments please write to this is an easy email address and has no necessary bearing on completions.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeingn you in the UK. Given the numbers we will have to plan a second trip anyway.


  1. You were going to post some internal pictures of development.

  2. Can you tell us when the Manchester date is ?

  3. The suggestion that this was sent to "everyone" is questionable! - I paid the deposit on my apartment in Canna in March 2006 and haven't been included in your mailshot - despite sending Tecnicil numerous emails requesting information and updates.

  4. We sent out notifications to everyone via the email addresses we have on record for you. If you do not receive occasional emails from us then it is possible that we do not have your up to date email address. Please write to and inform us of the current details.