Friday, May 14, 2010

Update on insurance requirements

Good evening, just to help those who are asking for information regarding insurance.

If you are IN the rental scheme you only need to get insurance to cover FIRE. You need not get anything else.

If you are not in the rental pool you can choose more or less what insurance you have. People with mortgages will need to consult with their bank to see if there is any special requirement. Rosemary at can also help you but if you have used another broker please direct your questions to them.

Many thanks and good evening,



  1. Thanks for the info, but do you have any details of brokers/companies that can offer Fire insurance. I would have thought that Tecnicil would have a block policy that all owners can subscribe too??

  2. Now that furniture installations are underway from MRI, can you tell me when Tecnicil plan to start installing furniture? I note that you made a point of saying in April that it was all on the island, so why is it not in people´s properties?

  3. any new photo's on the horizon? You must have some really good ones now!!!

  4. There must be some serious confusion out there. There are NO furniture installations from MRI underway at all! We have no record or knowledge of it having arrived on the island even.

    Our furniture arrived in November. The calendar for installations is ongoing - bear in mind we have more than 600 apartments to install and installations are going well. Most apartments have the actual furniture now and we are installing the air con.

  5. There are many insurance companies that can offer this service. In Cape Verde you can use IMPAR.

    It is not possible to subscribe fire insurance under the general insurance for the condominiums.

  6. We will put some new photos up in the next day or so.

  7. Please vila verde resort can you post more
    information on what is actually happening on
    the resort on a more frequent basis.For example
    how many dwellings are complete,have furniture
    installed,are recieving payment from rental
    scheme.Also how many of the communities are
    now complete,including pool areas etc.A comprehensive reply would be much appreciated.

  8. Further to our replies on furniture I would like to make a clarification. Some of the clients who were sold furniture by MRI are now having some furniture installed. However, this furniture was sourced for MRI by Solutions Overseas via a well known furniture shop on Sal.

    Clearly this can not be regarded as "Now there installations are underway from MRI" as the packages have absolutely nothing to do with those sold originally. These customers could have come out themselves last week, for example, and bought the same packages for, I imagine, quite a reduced price.

    SO, in summary, MRI have delivered nothing to the island.

  9. are those new photos in next day or so - or next week or so?

  10. Could Tecnicil confirm who we should contact to let the resort know that we are planning to use our apartment in July/Aug? Is there a reception area where keys are held? Will the apartment be cleaned for our arrival?

  11. Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria said...
    We will put some new photos up in the next day or so.

    May 29, 2010 7:08 AM

    Almost two weeks later and still no pics, your really good at keeping your purchasers informed !!

  12. Could we have some updated photos and news on the progress with the Phase 2 Communities (especially Lantana) - last update is nearly 2 months old. Many thanks.

  13. We will put some news on the communities this week. The photos were delayed as our entire photopgraphic team has been on holiday. We do apologise.

  14. looks like they were on holiday in vila verde its the same people in all the new photos!