Sunday, June 13, 2010


Good day to all of you! We do apologise for the delays in putting photos up. Today we have added some random shots of the resort and also of Sal Island itself.
As usual you can go to the web album by clicking here

Have a great Sunday!


  1. any chance of some phase 2 pics? along with the expected snagging dates so we can arrange our visit

  2. Can we have some pics of Cactus from the poolside (the ones previosly shown have been from the ringroad and car park side) Also, is there an anticipated date for snagging ?

  3. Any news on phase 2 snagging/completion dates ?
    Any recent pics ?

  4. Please can we have some up to date photos for callistemon.

    Thank you.

  5. Any news will VV complete ? are Tecnicil in financial difficulties have the builders left unpaid and now left the site ?. Any news would be appriciated. Should we again be worrying ? come on some answers would be great !.

    This has beeen a very long expensive and worrying journey what happened to the promise of monthly updates rental payments etc. It is now time for answers.

    If this is approved will we get a response ?

  6. We can appreciate the concern you feel and that this has been a long and difficult journey. We are not in financial difficulty in any way. You only have to look at the site to see that we have made tremendous progress. The builders have not been left unpaid so don't be concerned about that.

    Please visit the resort if you are concerned, it is the best place to have your faith restored!