Monday, July 5, 2010

Latest News

It seems that the "No News is Good News" expression doesn't always apply! Many of you have written to us to ask if we have any updates.

First of all the famous strike action. There are many reasons for this being bandied about in the public domain but the truth of the matter is that the reason behind the striking is the downsizing of the workforce. Now the resort is finishing off we clearly do not need the same size workforce as we had before.

Regrettably many of the workers did not agree with this policy and have caused disruption on the site with their strike and picket action. We are pleased to report, however, that the strike action is now over.

It may take us a week or so to get back to normal however, so work for the next fortnight or so may be disrupted.

Secondly, the summer is coming on and we have made huge advances in the resort, as I am sure you can see on the Web album. The overall opinion of owners is positive although we are aware of some niggling issues that are being addressed now, such as the light fittings next to the fridge!

One thing we would ask when it comes to commnunicating with Tecnicil. Some clients send an email and address their lawyers, the staff on Sal (Nelson, Carlos, Svetlana) and the staff on Praia (Miria, Nuno) as well as Iain. This is a sure fire way to confuse everyone as no one knows who has ownership of the email and thus you may not get a reply. So we ask that you direct all communication to the relevant party. To help you let's put a list here:

ALL issues relating to the properties themselves on Sal, snagging issues, arrivals, title deeds, hotels and meeting on the island.

Nelson Evora, Area Manager for Sal Island -

ALL account information, outstanding payments, questions relating to payments or statements of account, to Miria Fortes on Santiago Island.

More serious issues, complaints, concerns, admiration (!) or contractual questions in the first instance please write to Iain or Nuno

For new sales issues (Yes there have been some!) pricing and other questions please write to

Many thanks.


  1. Famous strike action, as it made the papers?

  2. Well i followed this method a number of days ago and i am still awaiting a respose at present.

    I know that many like myself have not had responses to their e-mail enquiries for days on end either.
    Read the owner forums and see for yourself.

  3. I would never believe this "many like myself" approach to communication. Please bear in mind that the staff on Sal are also on site a lot and so they are not always able to reply to you. Given we get messages from some clients who will ask us the same question every two or three weeks, it is vital to understand that we are building a project here and so sometimes need to be engaged doing things there.

    I can only advise you to write to Nuno or to Iain diectly, state that you have had no response for some time and you will see a response.

    As to the "famous strike action" there are papers other than the UK press and it did make them.