Friday, June 18, 2010

The Governor of Canada Visits our Resort!

Good day to you all.

As part of the activities we are planning as the resort now finalises, we had arranged a visit by the governor of Canada.

Dr. Alfredo Carvalho, CEO and President of Tecnicil Group, along with the President of Cape Verde, Pedro Pires, welcomed the Governor to the resort where she was shown around.

Also present were other members of the Tecnicil team, especially the Tecnicil Hotels and Resorts managers, Dr. Vitor Almeida, General Manager of the resort and Dr. Jose Luis Mascarenhas.

We have put the entire visits photos in our Webalbum here.

Enjoy the "visit" and also see your resort now it is practically finished!


  1. Looks amazing - cant wait to get back to VV soon. Have you any update or photos of Ph2 specifically Raphis?

  2. Any further updates, will the strikes have a knock on effect to the completion of the resort ?

  3. The strikes have had a temporary slow down effect but we hope to get back to speed soon.