Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos on the Web album

From Cactus October 2010

Good afternoon to you all!

We have today added the latest photos for Cactus, Lantana and Raphis. Just clicking on the names should take you there.

In response to the questions about completion for Cactus, we estimate that Cactus will be complete in mid-December. We will be releasing snagging notifications shortly for Cactus.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the photos and wish you a very good weekend.


  1. Hi

    I know there was one photo of Ficus at the start of a blog but last album posted was July. Would it be possible to see a few more please.

  2. Hi there, Yes I will get Carlos to fire up the camera for you. Watch this space!

    All of you anonymous viewers, why not get a profile and become followers?


  3. Any chance of some internal pictures ?

  4. Any chance of some internal pics of Cactus please............

  5. Would love to see some internal pictures of Cactus as well, will this be ready for snagging Christmas day ! and does the washing machine have a top lol ? !!!!!!

  6. Good afternoon, we have sent the request for some internal photos of different properties. I do not imagine you will find anyone snagging on Christmas day but we are confident that we are ahead of schedule now.

    As to the washing machine, the manufacturer has said that the installation of the washing machine without the metal top has no negative effect at all. There is little more that we can add to this.

  7. How long does it take to update some internal pics? no wonder VV is so late completing !!!

  8. Any internal pics yet, or did Nelson lose his camera ?