Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Blog for Owners on Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria

Given that our tasks at Tecnicil have now divided into communication with those clients who are still in the run up to completion and those that have completed we thought it best to create a new blog.

We believe the latter group of clients need to have news on how the resort is progressing as well as information regarding completions, mortgages and a whole range of items of important before deeds.

However, those who have completed need their own blog where the Tecnicil team on the ground can communicate and provide updates on services etc. Well, this is what we believe you need. Why not become a follower of this Blog AND the new Blog and then post us your suggestions of what you would like to see posted here.

By the way, these photos are of Ficus, taken about a day or so go ago by Nuno who replaced Carlos temporarily in the role of roving reporter.

Once again the new Blog is please give some ideas of what would best help you. We also think it would be a great idea for owners to contribute their own articles and opinions. If you would like to contribute to the Blog please write to
Have a great weekend!