Friday, November 26, 2010

Pepper - Info and status

In the vein of our last post here is the full info on Pepper.

Pepper is a great community comprising 75 units. Of those 75 units there are 73 sold and two units remaining. 50 apartments have been snagged, rectified and are completed on, we have 23 that have not been snagged for whatever reason and 20 of those are proceeding to deeds.

So you can see that this another community that is, in the main, now finalised.
For any information on the remaining two units please contact us on


  1. Can we have some internal shots ?

  2. Hi its great to read that another community is ready for occupation but I just wondered how can i find out what is available for my friends and family who plan to visit - is there a good website with all the local info? Like shops for food, bars, places to eat?

  3. Hi Wedding Delicakes (Sounds interesting). We do not have a website yet for this. We had wanted the other blog to provide this service but the team on Sal have been a bit too busy to get around to giving the information to us.

    The plan will be to do have this as a resource for you all. I would say bear with us, but am afraid of the response ;)