Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Completions and Communication

Good day to everyone. We have seen the news in London of snow on the ground, albeit fleetingly, so warm greetings from Cape Verde where it is currently 26ÂșC.

We thought it would be a good idea to explain what we are doing at the moment with regards to communication. We have a team of people who are helping clients coordinate with the lawyers and the team we have on Sal Island. Our team may call you and try and find out where you are with regards to your completion.

Aspects to take into account: This is a service we are offering to help you! It may be that the person you speak to is not up to speed with all communication you have had with various members of staff in our company. We do not have a centralised system so if you have agreed something with Nelson, or Iain or Nuno, the person you speak to may need to check these details before advising you. Please take into account that this is quite normal in any business. Anyone who has called Orange Customer Service in the UK like we did on our last trip will agree with us.

The person coordinating this process is Denyse Evora who speaks excellent English and will be happy to answer questions on where your completion process is at any given time. You can write to Denyse on

Have a great day!

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