Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas is Coming

and we have seen huge changes in the resort over the past few months. I know that for some people they may regard these changes as taking too long, but anyone who has been on our resort over the last lap have invariably gone home extremely happy.

The internal finish is excellent and the overall "look" of the resort is exactly what we wanted. Of course there are snags, there are no developments in the world built without snags! However, the greenery is growing in now and the "face" of the resort is really outstanding.

We have had a steady flow of owners staying in their units now. This has been a steep learning curve for all of us. Having clients come to stay on our resort has been new for Tecnicil and we have added resource to our team on the ground there so to try and meet the expectations and demands of our customers. Bear in mind that we have a committment to Sal and to Cape Verde that is, perhaps, greater than that of the resorts such as Riu. What does this mean? Essentially we bet on local staff to provide our services. This can mean selecting personnel from other islands, training and bringing them in.

As our small team grows in both size and experience we are confident that we will meet and ultimately exceed the demands of our clients.

This month should see the opening of the supermarket and the finalisation of all of the buildings. We then only have to attedn to some cosmetic aspects and our resort will be finished. Next year will see th eproper "launch" of Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria.

Many clients ask us why we do not seem to have agreements in place yet with many tour operators. We do actually have some agreements however, in these tough economic times, many of the tour operators want to decide at the last minute. We are lucky on Sal as we still have Thomson providing ongoing tour operations (They have pulled out of the Algarve, for example!). This keeps our Island on the top of the tourist mind.

2011 promises to be our year at Vila Verde. We will roll out the resort properly to many countires. we will open the shops and bars and we will attract, without a doubt, all of the tourists that are on Sal.

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