Friday, September 9, 2011

Contact details for Tecnicil

After consultation with the board of directos they have finally agreed, and as you know it has taken time, for the contact details to be published so you can write directly to those members of the board you feel it important to communicate with.

Tecnicil Board Members who should be able to assist you.

Chairman of the Board and Owner of Tecnicil Group

Alfredo Carvalho


Alfredo speaks and understands English very well.

Ex CEO and current replacement for Nuno Martins, role as yet undefined but appears to be taking hold of many aspects of the resort.

Jorge Benchimol Duarte

Mobile: +2389912145

Jorge speaks good English and will be willing to help.

Other non board members.

Gustavo Semedo - Financial Manager

Mobile Phone: +238 9974128

We have put Gustavo's telephone number although calling him might be hard as he doesn't speak English or much Portuguese. He really only speaks Creole as he does not get off the island of Santiago much.

Gustavo is responsible for payments (or non payments!) of refunds, rental return income and other expenses on the resort and within Tecnicil. Many of you might find it useful to write to him, he will be able to find someone to read the emails to him so you can be sure that he will read them. If not you can try and call as his assistance Francisco is always with him and does speak some English.

We regret to report that Iain Tozer has terminated his contract with Tecnicil as of this week. We had hoped he would stay on for longer but unfortunately it appears it was not possible. He has said he will still be available to assist clients via the company Silver River Consultancy. You can write to him on

In the meantime have a great weekend. Boa noite!


  1. Very funny you give the guy who can't speak english the job dealing with the problems your all a disgrace and a complete joke.

  2. The guy who doesn't speak English is Gustavo who really is not the one responsible. Alfredo Carvalho or Jorge Benchimol are the ones to contact. They both speak passable English