Monday, September 12, 2011

Rental Return Payments

Boa noite a tudos!

Just a few words to get you into the spirit of where you have bought. Or we could say "tudo dret" from the Criole.

We wanted to communicate to you the committment Tecnicil have with all the clients in the rental return scheme. While true that we have been unable to pay anyone any of the amounts for the last two years this has not been for reasons within our control. What Alfredo Carvalho has said is that we plan to start paying the delayed rental income apart from March 2012! I am sure you will agree this is positive news and we look forward to see you on Sal.

Remember if you are in the rental return scheme and feel you are owed money then ensure you have informed us of this by writing to Gustavo Semedo, the Financial Manager on


  1. Why is it necessary to write to you, you must know who you owe rental money to???

  2. Another example of how great an organisation Tecnicil is. They don't know who has furniture missing, they don't know who they owe rental to, they do know how to lie and prevaricate and use the contract for their own ends and ignore their customers rights under the same contract. The sooner BES pull the plug on this inept bunch of crooks the better.

  3. It's not a question of us not knowing, that is not fair. It's just we didn't order all the furniture when we should have. It's a simple mistake so that the cash flow could be preserved. Problem was that then the furniture supplier decided to sue us for the difference and then no agreement was reached because the board of directors had gone on holiday or something.

    As to who we owe rental money to, we owe it to everyone minus one or two people. What we mean is for those that are a little upset at the fact we haven't paid, they can contact us so we can ask them to write to them so we can write back to them and tell them we will pay. Just we will write back and not say when. But that is because we don't know when.

  4. Baratas, falta de pagaments,cidade fantasma... isto é mesmo assim? estava a pensar investir....por favor ajudem-me com informaçoes

  5. Good day. I will reply in English as the majority of our owners are English, I am sure you understand. I do not have the details of the "baratas" problem as we are not in the same department but it was probably mentioned in the spirit of communication. Either way it is not a big problem, a tropical island has to have more than just sandy beaches and blue sea! We were probably a little late paying the fumigators or something. But as I said I don't know.

    The late payments are a simple problem. We do not have any cash flow because most of our clients have not completed. So it's not our fault. And as they have not completed then we have most of the units empty. Also as the furniture packages are not complete then the units are not fully furnished and this is also the clients fault probably. So I htink that as a result we can not get the units rented to pay the clients who have completed, because if we could I am sure we would pay them. It's more, the delay on payments has only been two years so it's not that bad really. I think you should invest because even if you see no return for a few years you will still own a property on our beautiful resort. That is something worth saying!


  6. Good morning Tecnicil

    You are quite unbelievable, all these years of lies and ignorance and all the time it's my fault, naughty me, how can I make it up to you. I know, I'll give you another €175,000 and another 5 years to build a sub standard property.

    You state it is all the blame of the buyers who are not completing.

    Have you given a moments thought as to why buyers are not completing?

    Of course not how stupid of me.

    I will tell you why buyers are not completing shall I?

    It's simple. It is because of the experience of the buyers who have completed.

    Next weeks topic: How to tie your shoelaces.

  7. I have paid for my apartment and paid for my furinute over 2 years ago and its still not furnished. So how can it be by fault if I have paid for everything?????
    Not a very happy client!

  8. Já abriram o empreendimento?
    Are you open, now? Are making money to pay your creditors? As investor what kind of guarantees can I get? Is it possible get first demand bank guarantees?

  9. Hi there,

    No the resort is not open yet and our creditors are not getting paid. It is known that there has been some delay in delivering to our clients what has been established by the existing contracts. The international crisis has affected our business, but we are very committed to comply with all our obligations. We have successfully finished the construction works, furniture is being sought so we can buy it in, and the resort is preparing to start tourism operation. Major European tour operators are already involved.

  10. Hi...when do you plan to pay rental? is woud be good to have dates and when do you plan to install furniture for those who paid you over 4 years ago?

  11. Hi, When will you be paying rental? If we didnt pay in time you would keep all monies but what can we do to get our monies as agreed???
    Its February 2012 when will we get furniture we paid for??

    These are simple questions as i have put my trust and savings not onlt to tecnicial but to Sal Cape verde...would really appreciate an HONEST answer

  12. Are Tecnicil marketing the properties which the purchasers have pulled out on?

  13. "the delay on payments has only been two years so it's not that bad really" are you absolutely insane? Do you think if I didn't pay my mortgage for two years I could use the same excuse? Sort it out. I couldn't be more fuming.

  14. The properties that have been tken back have been offered to investors interested in the island. Also properties that have been cancelled are also offered to investors. Tecnicil feel this is quite a positive move as the original client's first payment can be used to drop the current sales price.

    As to furniture, BES had offered to pay out to ensure that the resort had the outstanding furniture installed but there was quite a bit of disagreement on final budgets so we are yet to agree on the supplier. The original supplier went bankrupt and so left Tecnicil withouth the final goods.