Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More photos

From May 2009
We have posted some photos to Picasa now and to try and overcome the caption problems I have, hopefully, made a link to the album and you should be able to view them all there.

Please let us know if there is a problem and we will fix it immediately.

From May 2009
Remember that the communities that are now finished off with regards to all building works on the blocks are CANNA, SEDUM, ALOE and COPROSMA.

The next communities to be finished are ATRIPLEX and PEPPER. We will keep you all updated as much as we can.

Please be aware that we are working hard to deliver a great product. We are the first to recognise that we have overrun but we are happy to dialogue with anyone who wishes to speak to us. Please bear in mind that there are is a small team in customer service in Tecnicil and we are doing our best to get round to you all.

Hopefully you can see that the surrounding areas are advancing very well and can be assured that we will be finishing these facilities for you to enjoy as soon as possible.


  1. Great pictures please keep them coming maybe a few new ones each month vila verde starting to look good and come together.

  2. We will try and keep a constant update for you. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Could you please inform us when the gardens will start taking shape? The building work looks really good. But I am affraid that once all buildings have been paid for we get left with un-finished grounds. I understand that priority is going to completing buildings but would like an idea of time. Also, when will phase 2 be completed and in particular Lantana?

  4. The gardens will be "grown in" as the different blocks are finished off. Phase I will be seeded and planted first and so should start to be greener by the end of the summer. Do not worry, Tecnicil has a strong track record in The Islands, and as a Cape Verde company is here for the long haul. You will not be disappointed.

    All of Phase II is set for the end of the year but we will revise dates as we approach them.

    Someone also mentioned Tecnicil not releasing bank valuations until it is time to go to deeds. Although a bi company, we do not, regrettably, have influence over the banks. If you wish for your bank to give you an idea of valuation before deeds then ensure your applcation is in earlier. There is absolutely nothing we can do to speed them up.