Friday, June 5, 2009

Raphis or Melaleuca: Melaleuca

Some of you have spotted that we got the Raphis (C12) confused with Melaleuca (C13) in some of our responses regarding which will be the last community to be finished. That was my mistake, with so many names and codes I did get confused (Plus the revised dates I was looking at had only unit codes and no names - a poor excuse but the only one I can grab hold of).

My apologies for any confusion. For the record, the current planning we have puts Melaleuca as the last community to be finished off. The dates we have from the construction company point to November for this community.

Raphis is, as I had already stated, for the end of the summer. Now many may argue that the summer never ends in Cape Verde! We're not going to comment on that one, are we!

Thanks to everyone who has gone to title deeds in the last few days. We wish you well and hope to see you again soon on Sal.

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