Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Atriplex has plants and lighting!

We have added some more photos. We do apologise for the delays but these festive periods have meant that our one and only photographer was a little distracted.

Anyway, we have him back on line now and here are the first shots in a round of many to come.

This time, as we are getting better at everything we do, I think you only need to click on the photo below and it will take you to the album!

January 2010


  1. I realise that this has been mentioned previously, but I see from your recent response that you have not addressed the matter. But as buyers when are we to be advised of the future management costs that will be applicable to us as individuals. I think this is important information to receive before getting to the deeds stage.

  2. The condominium fees and their calculation are not in our hands. This is quite common with ALL new builds as the first year is ALWAYS an estimate.

    It is true, in this case, that it is surprising that we do not have een a "ball park" figure for this but we are assured that one is coming.

    One important point here is that this information, while clealry important, is not something tht should affect your wish to go to deeds and as such it is not necessary for it to be provided in this way. Implicit in your comment above is the idea that if you do not hae this information you would not feel comfortable in going to deeds.

    Let me try and explain something important here. No one is asking you to "leap without looking". We have mentioned many many times that the condominium fees are NOT going to come as a terrible shock! The fees are regulated and audited externally by Price Waterhouse. You are the owners of this resort and you call the shots. The costs can not be more than the accumulated charges for the common areas, divided amongst the number of owners and then increased by a margin that is, in itself, controlled and capped by law.

    Also any unsold units will have their condo fees paid for by Tecnicil. Something also controlled by the law.

    So there should be no fear of signing deeds and going ahead just because of these figures remaining unknown, indeed, this can NOT be used a reason now for non-completion. Now that we have the water and power all remaining owners who have received deed notification need to proceed to deeds as soon as possible.

  3. I understand that you say buyers should not hold back going to deeds until this information is received. I was already aware that such fees were to be audited by Price Waterhouse and capped by law, I think these are plus points for buyers. But I think even a "ball park" figure as you say, would be very welcome by buyers, very reassuring, and should come sooner rather than later. You mention that 'unsold' units will have their condominium fees paid by Tecnicil, who will be responsible for the share of those who are not completing either due to personal circumstances or because they wish to terminate their contract?

  4. Have you any idea how many MRI clients, that have completed on their property(ies) and have also bought their furniture package from MRI? It would be useful to know this information because MRI are still dragging their feet and stating that they do not have enough clients who have completed to make it viable to ship packages.

  5. Good evening to you all. I hope the cold snap has not caused too much inconvenience for you all.

    The question about condo fees is an excellent question. I believe that the developer, Tecnicil, is also liable for the payment of condo fees for units that are not completed. Also bear in mind that yuor fees will be calculated according to the type and size of unit you have so there can never be unfair division of costs.

  6. With regards to MRI and furniture. We have requested a few times for all clients who have made a purchase with MRI for furniture to identify themselves. To date we have around 23 clients. So claims from MRI that they have a "vast number" of clients are probably a little exagerated.

    As to clients who have completed, there are 8 that I know of. They have not received their furniture. The alleged excuse is that MRI are awaiting a "critical mass" of clients to complete to justify putting everythng into a container.

    I would encourage you to contact us on info@tecnicil.com if you have purchased furniture from MRI. We are also working with a lawyer in Marbella who is aiding these clients who have come forward. Christmas has slowed him down a bit but he is requesting all of you to come forward and chat with him.

    So, info@tecnicil.com and we will be delighted to help.

  7. I am an MRI furniture client. I forwarded my details to Tecnicil re MRI furniture, I received one reply saying Tecnicil could help and when I sent a request to get this help and a completion figure I had no reply, this was in November.

    Now with utilities sorted 2 weeks ago I emailed solicitor, Tecnicil info at and Tecnicil director for a completion figure explaining again that I have MRI furniture and would like to get sorted with completion. Again 2 weeks and no reply from solicitor or tecnicil.

    What are buyers to do when you are asking developer, info at and solicitor for completion and no one gets back to you??.

    I would like to complete if only someone would get back to me with details.

    I have had no details of any solicitor of tecnicil even though I have emailed Tecnicil every time you have asked for MRI clients to contact you.

  8. I am unsure why this could happen but can only apologise and suggest that it may be because of the festive season.

    Write directly to Iain, te Commercial Director, and he will help. itozer@tecnicil.com

    Good day!

  9. when will cactus be finished

  10. Nelson advised in October that completion on Lantana was estimated for April 2010 - is this hopeful?