Friday, January 15, 2010

Our dates!

Many people have commented on the fact that some of our dates have come and gone.

This is true, obviously, and we do apologise for the delays, both in the snagging itself and also in publishing the dates. The truth be told, there are very small items holding us up, and they seem to be the typical things that make it harder for the guys on site to give us an exact date.

However, if you look at the photos that we have published on the Web Album (And we will be putting more there) you can see that bascially we ARE there!

Please, please rest assured that we will post the opening of snagging very soon for those communities that are due and will post new dates in necessay for the next areas.

Meanwhile enjoy the photos:


  1. The new photos of Ficus are great. I like the way they are posted and you can can quickly look at several photos relating to your community. Again would be keen to get clarity on snagging dates as per other comments mails although allocated 3rd party to do snagging would like to visit for deeds so would help re planing etc. Any chance we can have internal shots within each community as again would re-assure regarding progress. Having gone though the coldest spell in 50 years in Ireland cannot wait to visit.

  2. We will get the dates to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile remember that we will always give you at least 28 days notice for deeds.

    I can see if we can send our photographer into some of the units.

  3. Fantastic pictures, you can really see it all coming together. Any chance of getting a few more of Coprosma as there are only six. Thankyou for putting them up separately for each community - it really makes it easier to get an idea of the different stages.

  4. Great pictures of the resort, any chance of some pictures of the villas.

  5. We completed in July and have yet to be given an update as to whether our furniture package has been delivered and installed. We have only had emails to say that Iain would check. No firm response yet despite 3 email requests and 3 weeks passing since our first request. Starting to worry that communication lines are breaking down again! Please give us some faith in Tecnicil!

  6. Have you got any information on snagging dates yet?

  7. Good afernoon from a sunny but breezy Cape Verde!

    The situation with furniture has been documents and commented here. The furniture IS in the apartments but it is NOT unpacked yet. This is because the furniture division is going to install the air con unts first and do not what this work to effect your furniture.

    We are working on a priority based on clients who have requested use of their apartments.

    So it is happening.

  8. The dates are being discussed this week in Praia. There is a meeting there in which the senior managers of Tecnicil will be discussing everything.

    We'll keep you posted.