Thursday, January 21, 2010

Payments, deeds, transfers and above all communication!

As owners in the first few communities will know, the Tecnicil legal department issued notices this week to let people know that we now need to proceed urgently to deeds. This was for ALL clients who had received notification for deeds previously. Mainly these clients are owners in the communities of CANNA, SEDUM, COPROSMA, ALOE and ATRIPLEX.

Many clients have contacted us and, to our surpise, have said that they had transferred the funds months ago and also instructed their legal advisors to complete!

Clearly there has been a breakdown somewhere. So we would ask you to PLEASE let us know immediately if you had transferred funds and yet still received notification this week from Tecnicil.

Also please remember that transfers can take up to four working days so if you have transferred funds to us please send a copy of the transfer note.

All of this can be communicated to us via


  1. Tecnicil stated they would be in the UK in January for meetings with buyers, as we we will be in February next week, can Tecnicil urgently advise us of the dates and venues of the forthcoming meetings ?


  2. Hi there, we had actually said we were looking to see who was interested in meeting with us. There is a good number of clients who wish to see us so we are organising the trip.

    However, we had some issues to attend to in Cape Verde so have had to postpone the trip a little.

    Rest assured it will be happening and as we said, we will publish dates and venues on here.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.