Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tassel is now ready for snagging

Good morning to you all.

We are pleased to confirm that Tassel is now ready for snagging. Also the remaining units in Atriplex that had been trailing the pack are also finalised.

So one more milestone down! Please coordinate with your snagging representatives so that you can ensure they book an appointment with Nelson and get into inspect.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing you soon in Cape Verde.


  1. Phase One apartments seem to be completing about one month behind your dates of the 30 Oct blog. Is this a good guide for the Phase 2 apartments, particularly Lantana? This will be useful to know so that I can arrange for the money to be available around this time. What is the process, when do we pay with respect to snagging and signing the deeds? Also can you give an idea of other costs (taxes, fees for solicitors, management fees etc) that need to be paid at the same time.
    Good to see the development progressing so well and thank-you for the updates.

  2. Hi there, and thanks for the message. It's probably not a bad rule of thumb to apply. However, we will notify you, both here and via your lawyers, of the time for snagging.

    Once the snagging window opens we also apply for the habitaiton licence which takes about 3 weeks. Once we get the licence we notify you for deeds.

    So if all goes well you would have to go to deeds around 4 to 8 weeks after snagging begins.

    The associated costs are coming in at about 4.2% of the sales price. Your legal advisors or your real estate agent can help you with the exact figures.

    Good evening.

  3. Can you give us an update on the estimated completion dates of the other communities, and any advise on insurance.

  4. why have you not included building insurance in the management charges, can you not imagine the problems if say a building was damaged by fire and lets say even just 1 owners insurance had expired.

  5. Good night. There are insurance inclusive for common areas but is not possible to take out building insurance for each individual unit under the global policy that we have organised. Each owner is responsible for that aspect of the insurance but need not get any other insurance minus that.

  6. Can you please advise competion date for Yucca.

  7. Hi there, we are trying to get dates revised now. Please bear with us.