Friday, October 30, 2009

Dates for your diary

We have finally had some dates back from the different construction divisions on Sal Island. These are dates to which we have added a margin of safety so it is very likely that the units are finished earlier. However, we have accepted that we need to improve our communication and in the spirit of this have decided to post all of our dates. We will update them as we go along and will answer any many questions as possible.

Please bear in mind that there is no one "reason" for the delays. The Cape Verde Islands present a logistic challenge to us and indeed any other company and we are working as hard as we can.

Phase One

C03 - ATRIPLEX - COMPLETED / Snagging Ongoing
C09 - PEPPER - COMPLETED / Snagging Ongoing
C08 – FICUS - February 28th
C06 - CALLISTEMON - January 30th
C10 - TASSEL - December 30th

Phase Two
C01- LANTANA - April 30th
C02 - CACTUS -May 30th
C12 - RAPHIS - May 30th
C13 - MELALEUCA - June 30th


A78/A89 - January 30th
A29/A40 - February 30th
A41/A51 - March 30th
A68/A77 - April 30th
A52/A67 - May 30th
A1/A28 - May 30th


B3-33 /37 – YUCCA - February 28th
B3-29 /32 - YUCCA - March 30th
B3-21 /28 -YUCCA - March 30th
B3-12 /20 - YUCCA - April 30th
B3-7 /11 - WASHINGTONIA - April 30th
B3-1 /6 - WASHINGTONIA -April 30th
B2-30 /34 - WASHINGTONIA -April 30th
B2-24 /29 - WASHINGTONIA - May 30th

As the building and completing goes on we will have more workers focused on a gradually reducing number of units so we do hope that these dates will not be accurate. But we do guarantee that they will kept updated if we do see any changes.
Once again, all comments welcome and if you have any questions about your particular unit or situation please write to us on
Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you for posting the dates. The new open communication is very good. Could I ask if you could you be so open with what is happening with the electricity and water. Many only have this point holding up their completion. Would you post a blogg on what is going on with the utilities please,
    Thank you

  2. Many thanks for your comments. We have added an article to the Blog today to try and show you where we are. I hope it helps.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Tecnicil,
    Great news to see the completion dates. Looking forward to visiting Cape Verde next year and seeing our apartment at last!

  4. when can owners start using their properties, nobody has given the remotest indication as to when this may start, is this a matter of days, weeks or months, people need some sort of guage, i dont wish to appear negative but it is now almost 4 years since i signed for the appt,thats not justa liitle over this is twice the estimated build time

  5. Your frustration is understandable.

    Owners who have completed on a property will be able to use their properties as soon as the utility issue is resolved with Electra.

    I recommend you read our article here about Electra for further details.

  6. It has been suggested on a forum that Tecnical did not want any more in rental pool. Have some people been told they are in the rental pool as I have not had any communication about joining. I thought this would happen after signing deeds. Can you clarify the rental pool position

  7. Good evening. The Rental Pool entry was closed some time ago. The main requirements for us to assess the numbers of people in the pool was the reservation and subsequent payment of the furniture package.

    The actual rental agreement is signed on the same day as the deeds. If you have already purchased the premium package then we will have counted you as IN the pool.

  8. It is great to see some dates and news re electricity and power at last. Please can you confirm if these are snagging dates or completion dates. If snagging dates what is the current estimated elapsed time from this date to complete. If completion date what is the estimated dates for snagging.

  9. Are you going to update the blog with more realistic dates ?