Monday, October 26, 2009

Snagging for Pepper is now OPEN!

Today we are delighted to announce that we have notified all clients for Pepper Community (C09) that they can now snag their properties.

To this end we would ask that you make the relevant arrangements to do so. We would recommed the use of a third party snagging company as they often enjoy more flexibility being based on Sal as well as, if you have a snagger who speaks Portuguese, we can accommodate them more easily.

Another milestone reached!


  1. Following my email regarding snagging notification and rental restrictions for non pool members I have read all the blogs but I am still not entirely convinced.
    As far as the snagging position is concerned the upload of some internal pictures of Pepper apartments would be of great benefit before owners instruct thier respective agents.
    As I said in my original email I responded promptly to the notification in April only to find an empty shell devoid of windows, doors and internal fittings.
    The question about sevicing of the internal of the apartments still does not seem to have been adressed adequately even though other posters have put the questions earlier.

  2. Hi pepperpot. Thanks for your comment. We can organise some photos of the inside of pepper apartments however please bear in mind that the clock is ticking for snagging. As you can surely appreciate, we now have to move quickly to be able to snag, correct, resnag and then move on. If you have a local snagging for you then there shouldn't be a problem in instructing them to start the inspection process.

    I am afraid I do not really understand what you mean with the "internal servicing" of the apartments.

  3. Thanks for your reply about uploading photos.
    By "internal servicing" I was referring to the clause 12 restriction mentioned under "Clarification of rental restrictions" blog.
    I agree with the posters who raised the points about the right of owners to invite who they like into their units, even if this includes cleaners of their own choice.
    Some positive feedback on these points would help.

  4. Thanks again Pepperpot for the questions. This really takes us back to the issue of One Resort. The concept of Vila Verde is one resort, one unified service.

    We have already saud that we will not be "policing" the resort to see who has a cleaner or not. Our goal is to provid service of the kind that means clients will not need to look elsewhere.

    However, in the first period, it is our obligation to appoint a global management company and it IS totally normal that these companies want to unify services. Otherwise, as has been seen in markets such as the Spanish market, you have no way of enticing these companies onto the resort. As none of us want a ghost town of site with no management we need to ensure that the long term interests of the company that manages the resort are also taken into account.

    Take a journey through Google and you will see that most resorts have only one onsite service. It is the ONLY way to guarantee standards and therefore maximise EVERYONE's income.

  5. I am purchasing a studio in Pepper.I have had the first snagging report. Can you explain why a white fridge has been installed when all other kitchen appliances are silver. Also can I ask you what happens next. I have had no contact from yourselves apart from an ivitation in April to inspect a property which clearly was not ready. Communication appears to be a problem or maybe I have been unlucky. I would also like to see some photos if that would be possible. I have used snaging overseas and have found them super. Jane Barry

  6. Morning Jane and thanks for your message. We had mentioned the fridge situation on another part of this Blog. It is frustrating to see these fridges being used. I am told that it is a problem of the size of the silver fridges available in the country that has obliged Tecnicil to use a different size in some units.

    As to contact, please ensure you send an email to with your contact details so we can ensure that we are up to date.

    I am sure Snagging Overseas appreciate your comments.