Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Further Clarifications

Good afternoon.

As you know we are trying to unify communication via this Blog because it seems that it really does work quite fast and certainly proves more reliable than the email.

After receiving many clients emails and seeing the confusion and concerns that are clearly propagating we wish to make the following points very clear:

1. Clients that are NOT in the Tecnicil Rental Scheme ARE free to rent their apartments out themselves, both directly and also indirectly, via local agents. However, touristic services in their units, housekeeping, maintenance and such like can only be carried out by Tecnicil Hotels and Resorts (TH&R) which is the onsite management company designated by Tecnicil Real Estate to be the Sole Administrator of all the resort.

We will endeavour to provide the pricing for all services provided by TH&R as soon as we can and we are committed to ensuring that these prices are competitive within the market.

Also be aware that the resort management company will be audited externally by Price Waterhouse Coopers and that the accounts will be transparent an available to you, the owners, as ths resort will be yours.

2. Clients who have ALREADY completed and signed title deeds and ARE PART of the rental scheme, will receive the rental return from the date of the signing of the deeds - as long as they have fulfilled all requirements that ARE within their control: Deeds signed, final payment made, furniture payments up to date, rental contract signed.

3. The clients who have bought furniture via MRI or other companies will NOT be able to enter the rental scheme nor receive a guaranteed rental income. However, TH&R will be happy to enter into talks with these clients with a view to negotiate a contract for renting out these units. This is done to aid those clients who may have been left without the support they had originally expected from other parties.

If you have any doubts or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at

Have a good evening.


  1. Regarding point 2 = 2. Clients who have ALREADY completed and signed title deeds and ARE PART of the rental scheme, will receive the rental return from the date of the signing of the deeds - as long as they have fulfilled all requirements that ARE within their control: Deeds signed, final payment made, furniture payments up to date, rental contract signed.

    Does the rental furniture offset facility for clients whom have already completed also get back dated to the date of deed signing?

  2. just what was needed, information and good news

  3. This clarification is a very positive move forward by Tecnicil. Will Tecnicil reword the clause 12 in the rules and regulations so it states the same as the new clarification posted here.

    Clause 12 states 'RENTAL by another entity other than Tecnicil or it's management company is strictly prohibited'.

    Clause 12 needs rewording so it talks about MANAGEMENT instead of RENTAL. Amending the actual wording of clause 12 in the rules and regs so it states the same as the new clarification will make the new clarification official and give all buyers comfort.

    This is a very positive move that just needs making official in the rules and regulations.

    Thank you Tecnicil.

  4. I think that it's all too easy to just post here on the negative side of things. Personally, I feel this latest post from Tecnicil is a very positive move and will put a number of buyers at ease over matters which were causing concern. Furthermore, I feel that the improvement in communication in general is greatly appreciated by buyers.

  5. We will have to reword the contract, yes. However, rememeber that the Portuguese version is the one that takes prevalence so don't get too hung up on what the English side says. Instead ensure that your legal representative is happy with what the Portuguese side says.

  6. All rental return clients, whether they offset or not, will have their start date as from completion (Deeds, furniture, rental contract).

  7. The first blog that makes me feel part of something.Well done Tecnicil but please ensure that actions confirm the words we buyers want the resort to suceed as much as you and you(Tecnicil) will find that this approach breeds confidence so please continue on this line and you will find we ( the buyers) will be happy to be helpful too.

  8. Do we have any dates yet for snagging on tassell

  9. I love Cape verde and can hardly await vila verde to be finished :))
    .... and I believe in this resort, despite of some probs. Thank you.

  10. Thank you all for the feedback and comments. We will be here, and will post and reply to your comments.

    Hve a great weekend!

  11. well done technicil this is my first post in three and a half years of waiting i have been reading all forums etc and quietly confident that you would succeed with the developement, me and my wife are well pleased, especialy when the pool was filled on atriplex, congratulations!.

  12. The developemnt seems to be moving forawrd at a pace now which is great for all concerned, the one thing im sure everybody wants to know is just when owners will be allowed on site to start using their poperties,is it a case that nobody will be allowed on site until everything is finished or simply on a phased block by block basis, being selfish im interested in ATRIPLEX and COPROSMA

  13. I understand your feelings about ownership but the way that the rules work on resort developments is that the Resort Management Company - a company that is in charge of the resort for and on behalf of the owners, YOU, makes the rules. This is normal for all communities of apartments.

    For the first two years Tecnicil Imobiliaria has the right, granted as per the promissory contract, to manage the site via a company that they appoint. Once the two years is up then this decision is taken by you, the owners, in a general assembly of owners.

    At this time you will be able to vote not only on who the management company is, but also on whether you agree to the rules that they present or not.

    I hope that explains what you needed to know.

  14. We had a posted comment that was all in block capitals. According to usual forum and Blog rules we did not publish it, but so that it content can be viewed I have taken the liberty to write it out in lower case. It is exactly as it was.

    Here it is:

    I own my apartment what right have you to tell me who I have to do the cleaning and laundry, its my apartment.

  15. This is all positive. Could you please give some idea as to when the amended rules and regs will be forwarded and when we can expect to see the price list for the management of apartments.

    This clause and the delay in utilities is reason for worry and delay of many completions and if we can have the amended clause sent out witha list of pricing for management and if we know what is going on with utilities it may help buyers to start the process to complete.